What storage is the memory card ?

a) Volatile memory
b) Non volatile memory 
c) Main memory
d) Permanent memory

The text before encryption is called ?

a) Plain text 
b) simple text
c) good text
d) encryption text

No of Banks in India associated to SWIFT ?

a) 70
b) 107 
c) 700
d) 555

Dmesg command in Linux

a) Display the inbox message
b) disabled the message
c) Display message or drive message 
d) none

What is Handout Master ?

a) layers of handles
b) Layout of audience handout notes 
c) comment 
d) label of code

pstree command ?

a) shadow the running preceded
b) Shows the running processes as a tree 
c) slow the run app
d) non process

cd command ?

a) Clear the dialing
b) Change the current directory 
c) clear the virus
d) none

Which is the most delayed topology

a) Ring 
b) Star
c) Mesh
d) None

Command required to know the last time system was shutdown / booted ?

a) Last 
b) Laster boot
c) Last boot
d) Last shut down

Which institution were not pioneered in AI research ?

a) Harvard 
b) MIT
c) Dartmouth
d) None

Program that start working along with the browser ?

a) Widgets
b) Plugins
c) Add ons 
d) None

One that does not duplicate itself ?

a) Trojan horse
b) Virus
c) Spyware 
d) Ransomware

What is the shortcut key to ruler hide and unhide in LibreOffice?

a) Ctrl + Shift + R 
b) Ctrl + Shift + P
c) Ctrl + Shift + B
d) None

Which command is used for the cycle case ?

a) Ctrl + F3
b) Shift + F3 
c) Shift + F2
d) Ctrl + F4

If you want to use the track change record in LibreOfficeWriter, which shortcut key do you have to use ?

a) Ctrl + Shift + B
b) Ctrl + Shift + C 
c) Ctrl + Alt + C
d) Shift + U

Which is the most commonly used programming language in Artificial Intelligence Language ?

b) Lisp 
c) HTML 

If you want to pay less money out of total money, then what do you use for it ?

a) CVV
b) OTP
c) Coupan code 
d) None

If Maruti Suzuki buys tires from MRF company, then what will be the relationship ?

a) B2B 
b) B2C
c) C2B
d) C2C

Anurag computer developed in which country ?

a) India  
b) America
c) Japan
d) none of these

In which year micro ATM service started ?

a) 2016
b) 2000
c) 2018 
d) 2015

Which of the following is not a networking device ?

a) router
b) Gateway
c) Fire Ball 
d) none of these

Point of Sale means P.O.A.S. Which printer is used in ?

a) Thermal printer
b) dot matrix printer
c) laser printer
d) both a and b  

How many banks in India are linked with SWIFT code ?

a) 120
b) 151
c) 107 
d) 110

When did IMPS start ?

a) 2015
b) 2010 
c) 2005
d) 2007

What type of software is Open ?

c) Open source software
a) Close source software 
b) Utility software
c) Apple software
d) None 

What is the operating system designed for use in computer networks ?

a) MS Dos
b) Linux
c) Windows 3.0
d) MS Windows NT 

Is the protocol for downloading email in the mail box from the server ?

b) POP
c) IMAP 

Why is OTP considered a very secure password ?

a) is different every time
b) is a condential
c) both  
d) none of these 

In which year was the vacuum tube discovered ?

a) 1906 
b) 1210
c) 1900
d) 1910

What is a digital certicate ?

a) It shows whether a website is secure or not 
b) It is an online certicate
c) It is a type of certicate
d) none of these

What is at the top of any document ?

a) title bar 
b) status bar
c) Documents Name
d) Manubar 

What else do credit cards say ?

a) Easy money
b) Plastic money 
c) Debit card
d) None

By what other name do you know Rupey Card ?

a) Bank gift card
b) service gift card
c) Credit / debit card 
d) All of above

According to the update, which browser is the latest ?

a) Firefox 
b) Chrome 
c) Safari 
d) Internet Explorer 10 

How many UPI can be used in a phone ?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 1 or 2
d) More then 2 

Which of the following is Correct formula ?

a) avg ()
b) Som ()
c) Product () 
d) Flore ()

Who is the founder of MySpace ?

a) Tom anderson
b) Jon hart
c) Chris dewolfe
d) All 

Nabard became under which committee ?

a) B. Sivaraman committee 
b) Commercial committee
c) Ram Murti committee
d) All

Who is the founder of Ubuntu ?

a) Mark Richard Shuttleworth 
b) Linus torvalds
c) Pavel durov
d) None

In LibreOfficeWriter, which shortcut key has to be used to get to the first page before the last page ?

a) Ctrl + Home 
b) Ctrl + Pageup
c) Home 
d) Pageup

Which is the most storage ?

a) Floppy Disk
b) memory card
c) Rome 
d) hard disk  

Which option will be used to add a new slide to a slide show ?

a) File new
b) File Open
c) Insert new slide 
d) File slide

What happens at the bottom of the page ?

a) header
b) footer 
c) Endnote
d) and

What is the name of the last cell in LibreOffice Calc ?

a) AJD1
b) AMJ1 
c) ANM1
d) All of these

Name the LibreOffice Column ?

a) A1, B1, C1
b) A, B, C 
c) 1,2,3
d) None of these

Which of the following is a web browser ?

a) Yahoo
b) Google
c) Opera 
d) Altavista

Which of the following is e-commerce ?

a) Facebook
b) WhatsApp
c) Amazon 
d) Instagram

Which bank started the ATM card rst ?

a) SBI
b) HSBC 
d) None of These

Which of the following is the first bank in India ?

a) Bank of Baroda
b) Bank of Hindustan 
c) HDFC Bank
d) none of these 

How many videos of Time can be uploaded to Twitter ?

a) 10 seconds
b) 20 seconds
c) 2 minutes
d) 2 minutes 20 seconds  

What is the maximum number of attachments in Yahoo Mail ?

a) 10 MB
b) 20 MB
c) 25 MB 
d) 15 MB

M-Banking is an example of which ?

a) Phone banking
b) Mobile banking 
c) telephone banking
d) Internet banking 

What is Abacus ?

a) machine calculator
b) electronic calculator
c) First calculator 
d) none of these

The main component used in the third generation of computers ?

a) IC 
b) Vacuum tube
d) None

What is the maximum number of seats in LibreOfficeCalc ?

a) 1000
b) 255
c) 10000 
d) 500

Which of the following computers is called permanent memory ?

a) RAM
b) ROM 
c) CPU
d) CD

What is the full name of MS Dose ?

a) Microsoft disc operating system 
b) Microsoft disc open system
c) Both 
d) None

What is the full form of VDS ?

a) Virtual dedicated server 
b) Visual display server
c) Visual display service
d) Virtual dedicated service

What is the full form of CVV ?

a) Certicate verication value
b) Card verication value 
c) Card Verify value
d) Card verication 

What is the full form of PGP ?

a) Pretty good privacy 
b) Pay good payment
c) Public goods payment
d) Pretty good payment

What is the full form of NUUP ?

a) National unied nuup platform 
b) National union nuup platform
c) National unied nuup payment
d) None

What is the minimum font size in LibreOffice?

a) 10
b) 6 
c) 16
d) 11

Which of the following is not a margin ?

a) Top
b) Left
c) Right
d) Center 

In LibreOfficeCalc, in which line is the number ?

a) Right 
b) Left
c) Center
d) Top

What is the matching point of row and column called ?

a) Cell 
b) Column
c) Row
d) Sheet

The formula to add B Column is ?

a) Sum (b1: b1048576)
b) = Sum (b1, b1048576)
c) = Sum (b1: b1048576) 
d) None

Which shortcut key to exit the document in LibreOfficeImpress Is used ?

a) Ctrl + Q
b) Ctrl + W 
c) Shift + C
d) None

Which is the least secure ?

a) Password
b) Keycard 
c) Retina
d) Fingerprint

What is the memory of CD ROM ?

a) Magnetic
b) Non Volatile
c) Optical Disc 
d) None

What is hard disk memory ?

a) Non Volatile 
b) Volatile
c) Both
d) None

Where is the information related to the document found ?

a) Taskbar
b) Title bar
c) Manubar
d) Status bar 

How does print preview happen in LibreOffice Writer ?

a) Landscape
b) Portrait 
c) Slide view
d) None

Which is not used in LAN ?

a) Bus
b) Star
c) Ring
d) None of these 

Which website will you use to do a job search ?

a) Linkedin 
b) Facebook
c) Flipcart
d) Amazon

What is the correct email address ?

b) name @ website @ info

What will be the value of Ceiling (97,7) ?

a) 98 
b) 97
c) 91
d) None

Which of the following is a virus ?

a) Natural occurs
b) To make by human being 
c) Made by machine
d) All of above

SMTP is related to ?

a) Email 
b) Messenger
c) Search Engine
d) Web

What is the number of all columns in LibreOfficeCalc ?

a) 1024 
b) 1048576
c) 16384
d) None

Which one is at the top ?

a) Task bar
b) Title bar 
c) Status bar
d) Menu bar

Is Tb - Gb - Kb ?

a) Descending order 
b) Ascending order
c) Both
d) None

Is a GUI based operating system ?

a) Unix
b) Linux 
c) DOS
d) None of these

FTP is a _____ ?

a) Stateful protocol 
b) Stateless protocol
c) Both
d) None

What is the shortcut key of Paste Special ?

a) Ctrl + Shift + V 
b) Ctrl + V
c) Ctrl + Alt + V
d) Shift + V

Which is the network used in Building and Campus ?

a) LAN 
b) WAN
c) MAN
d) All

What was used in the first computer ?

a) IC Chip
b) Vacumn tube 
c) Transistor
d) Micro processor

What does T mean in IOT ?

a) Target
b) Thing 
c) Twice
d) Twit

Who is used to tweet ?

a) Facebook
b) Twitter 
c) Instagram
d) Telegram

What will be the value of Celling (120,11) ?

a) 120
b) 131
c) 121 
d) 1320

Where is most of the processing done in computer ?

a) Hard disk
b) Resister
c) CPU 
d) Capacitor

Which is the best search engine ?

a) Duck duck go
b) Google 
c) Bing
d) Yahoo

How long a video can be recorded and uploaded on Instagram ?

a) 60 Sec. 
b) 30 Sec.
c) 5 Min.
d) 2 Min.

How many bytes are equal to 8 bits ?

a) 8 Byte
b) 1 Byte 
c) 1 Kilo byte
d) None

Find the complete form of S in ABRS ?

a) Service 
b) System
c) Secure
d) Security

What is the full form of NEFT ?

a) National election fund transfer
b) National electronic funds transfer 
c) National electric fund transfer
d) None

What is the full form of WiFi ?

a) Wire full exibility
b) Wireless exibility
c) Wireless fidelity 
d) Wire delity

What is the full form of PRA ?

a) Permanent Rate Access
b) Primary Rate Access 
c) Primary Rate Apply
d) Personal Rate Access

What is the full form of IDS ?

a) Intrusion detection software
b) Intrusion detection service
c) Intrusion detection system 
d) None

What is the full form of HDD ?

a) Hardware Disk Drive
b) Hard Display Drive
c) Hard Display Damage
d) Hard Disk Drive 

When did commercial paper start in India ?

a) 1997
b) 2005
b) 1990 
d) 2006



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