Which character is used before starting the formula ?

a) = 
b) *
c) /
d) -

Kill command in linux ?

a) Terminate the window
b) Terminate the computer
c) open the process
d) Terminates the process 

Who invented the punch card ?

a) John viecent
b) j. Presper eckert
c) Herman Hollerith 
d) All of the above 

Who developed Linux ?

a) John Vincent
b) Linus Torvalds 
c) Semyon Korsakv
d) None

Which of the following is not a valid spreadsheet function ?

a) Sum ()
b) Avg () 
c) Product ()
d) None ()

Which of the following is the old name of Twitter ?

a) Status 
b) Twit
c) Messenger
d) All of the above

Who is the founder of Amazon ?

a) Linus Torvalds
b) Semyon Korsakv
c) Jeff bezos 
d) none of these 

What is the default location of Save in Libreoffice ?

a) Desktop
b) Documents 
c) Download
d) All of the above

What kind of intelligence is used in robots ?

a) artificial intelligence  
b) machine intelligence
c) Natural intelligence
d) all

International payment transfer is done by

b) Swift 

Where is QR (QR) code used ?

a) In payment transfer
b) In account verification
c) Both of them 
d) None of the above

What is the shortcut key for right alignment ?

a) Ctrl + R 
b) Shift + R
c) Ctrl + Shift + R
d) None

What is the world's largest Hadoop Clustered ?

a) Yahoo
b) Facebook
c) Cloudera 
d) Horton works

U.P.I. How many hours a day can I use ?

a) 12
b) 10
c) 24 
d) 11

Which mobile works on IOS model ?

a) Apple 
b) Samsung
c) Microsoft
d) All

What can be shared on Instagram ?

a) Photo
b) Video
c) Both 
d) None

Email ID consist of ?

a) User ID
b) Domain Name
c) Both 
d) None

Which generation computer is LAN WAN ?

a) 4th 
b) 5th
c) 1st
d) None

How many pages can a user run in Facebook ?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 4
d) 1 & b Both 

Who has EDI priority ?

a) Any Company 
b) Hardware
c) Computer
d) Software

What is the maximum length of Wi-Fi password ?

a) 8
b) 16
c) 32
d) 63 

What is Blockchain Technology ?

a) It is a secure transaction medium
b) more commonly used in bitcoin
c) transfers to small blocks
d) All 

Who sent the email first ?

a) Tim Berners Lee
b) Vint Cerf
c) Herman Helorith
d) Ray Tomlinson 

When did NEFT start ?

a) November 2005 
b) March 2004
c) November 2006
d) none of these

What separates between file names & extensions ?

a) . Dot 
b) @
c) # 
d) $

Which strip is at the bottom ?

a) taskbar 
b) status bar
c) Manubar
d) Title bar

To whom is CD related ?

a) hardware 
b) software
c) Storage 
d) All

What is secondary memory ?

c) HDD 
d) None

Which language is not there ?

a) Low lavel language
b) Medium level language 
c) High level language
d) None

Which is the Facebook application that allows video sharing ?

a) Youtube
b) watch 
c) facetube
d) watchtube

How much digit is INN ?

a) 5
b) 6 
c) 11.
d) 4

Name the full name of CC ?

a) Carbon Copy 
b) Copy Carbon
c) Carbon Clint 
d) None

What is the full form of DFT ?

a) Delight Film Thichness
b) Dry Film Thickness 
c) Dry Film Trick
d) Delay Film Thickeness

URL. What is the full form of

a) Uniform Reset Locator
b) Uniform Resource Locator 
c) Universal Resource Location
d) None

What does B2B mean ?

a) Business to Business 
b) Business to Buyer
c) Buyer to Business
d) None

What will be the full form of MIME ?

a) Multipurpose internet mail exports
b) Multipurpose internet mail extensions 
c) Multi internet mail extensions
d) None

Full form of DVD ?

a) Digital video disc
b) Digitally versatile discussed
c) Digital versatile disc 
d) None

Full name of B2G ?

a) Business to Government 
b) Brand to Government
c) Both  
d) None

What is the full form of HTML ?

a) Hyper Text Mark Language
b) Hyper Text Markup Language 
c) Hyper Test Markup Language
d) None

How many characters can be tweeted in Twitter ?

a) 140
b) 280 
c) 380
d) 144

The father of AI is ?

a) Mark Anderson
b) Jacquard
c) Charles
d) John McCarthy 

In which generation did assembly language develop ?

a) first generation
b) second generation 
c) third generation 
d) fourth generation

Who handles all the computer functions ?

a) input
b) output
c) Operating System 
d) hardware 

What is the maximum amount that can be remitted by AEPS ?

a) 5000
b) 50000 
c) 100000
d) 10000

How many digits are there in IMEI ?

a) 15 
b) 17
c) 12
d) 13

Which is the largest public sector bank ?

a) SBI 
b) PNB
c) BOB
d) None

When did e-governance begin ?

a) 2005
b) 2006 
c) 2007
d) 1986

How much money can a person remit to a person through USSSD in 1 day ?

a) 10000
b) 5000 
c) 15000
d) 25000

1000 KB = ?

a) 1 KB
b) 1 MB 
c) 1 GB
d) 1024 KB

What is the shortcut key to close the current window in LibreOce ?

a) Ctrl + Q
b) Ctrl + W 
c) Ctrl + T
d) None

In which menu is the Ruller option found ?

a) Home
b) Insert
c) View 
d) Tools

Which country has the UC browser developed ?

a) India
b) China 
c) USA
d) Japan

Param, Anurag Super Computer belongs to which country ?

a) India 
b) China
c) USA
d) Japan

What is the storage area in an email ?

a) Mail box 
b) Sent box
c) Storage
d) All of the above

Is a song playing on a laptop ?

a) Hardware
b) Software 
c) Both
d) None

Which button erases the letters on the left side of the cursor ?

a) Back Space 
b) delete 
c) Enter 
d) none 

Which shortcut key is used for Save as ?

a) Shift + S
b) Ctrl + Shift + S 
c) Ctrl + S
d) None of these

What is the shortcut key to a slide show in Power Point ?

a) F5 
b) Shift + F5
c) Ctrl + F
d) None

How many types of reactions take place on Facebook ?

a) 6 
b) 5
c) 4
d) 3

Which command is used to get a print of a file in Unix?

a) mv
b) cp
c) ipr 
d) PT

Umang app was launched from which ministry ?

a) Ministry of Finance
b) Ministry of Education 
c) Ministry of Electronic and IT ?
d) none of these 

Messenger is related to ?

a) Internal messaging
b) social networking 
c) instant messaging 
d) None

Which shortcut key is used for heading 2 in Libra office Writer ?

a) Ctrl + 1
b) Ctrl + 2 
c) Ctrl + 3
d) None

What is the second name of junk mail ?

a) sniffer script 
b) spoof 
c) Spam 
d) Crepe 

SMTP Is used ?

a) sending mail 
b) Downloading mail 
c) for access time 
d) None of these

Which of the following is a Linux command ?

a) Chmod
b) curl
c) df
d) all 

Which command will be used to close a terminal window ?

a) end
b) close
c) exit 
d) none

When did the Umang app start in India ?

a) 23 November 2017 
b) 27 November 2015 
c) 15 August 2017 
d) 17 July 2018 

In LibreOffice, which menu has the Word count option ?

a) Tools 
b) Insert
c) Format
d) Edit

What is blockchain ?

a) A type of cryptocurrency 
b) Online transaction 
c) a centralized online account 
d) Large distributed p2p network 

How many Bits is ASCII ?

a) 8 Bits
b) 16 Bits
c) 7 Bit 
d) 64 Bits

What is the minimum font size in Libreoffice Calc ?

a) 2 
b) 8
c) 96
d) None of these

How many seats can be made in Libreoffice Calc ?

a) 32000
b) 48000
c) 60000
d) 10000 

U.ID.A.I. With whom ?

a) PAN card
b) Aadhaar card 
c) U.P.I. From
d) All of the above

Which type of computer is convenient to carry while traveling ?

a) mini computer
b) Microcomputer 
c) Supercomputer
d) Mainframe computer

Which of the following are not examples of social networking ?

a) Facebook
b) Instagram
c) Amazon 
d) LinkedIn

What is the shortcut to open new tabs in the browser ?

a) Alt + T
b) Ctrl + T 
c) Shift + T
d) Alt + Ctrl + T

Apple was the first network server of the company ?

a) Shiner 
b) ANS
c) MAC
d) None

Through which Google app can we find routes, places ?

a) Google Map 
b) irctc
c) facebook
d) paypal

How many rows are found in Libreoffice Calc ?

a) 1048576 
b) 555
c) 999
d) 10000

S.B.I. Which app has been released for online payment ?

a) paytm
b) google pay
c) Yono 
d) none

Which card is paid in advance ?

a) atm card 
b) Prepaid Card 
c) pan card
d) paypal card

SBI What is the minimum age to open an account in India ?

a) 19 years
b) 10 years 
c) 13 years
d) 18 years

What is Safari ?

a) What web browser created by Apple company 
b) hardware
c) both
d) none

ISP what is his full name ?

a) Internet service provider 
b) Internet service property 
c) Instant Service Provider 
d) Internet Service Prof 

What is the full name of AEPS ?

a) Annual Premium Equivalent System
b) Aadhar Premium Enabled System
c) Aadhar Payment Enabled System
d) Aadhar Enabled Payment System 

What is the full name of IMF ?

a) Internet Money Fund 
b) International Money Fund 
c) International Monetary Fund 
d) none of these 

FSF Stand for ?

a) Free System Foundation 
b) Free Software Foundation 
c) Free Service Fund 
d) Fund System Foundation 

UPI Full Form ?

a) Unified Payments Interface 
b) United Payments Interface
c) Unified Payments International
d) none

On which operating system is it based ?

a) Kernel 
b) Access
c) Process
d) None

With whom is Instagram related ?

a) Facebook 
b) Youtube
c) Google
d) Microsoft

What is the name of Facebook's famous were in which videos and photos are shared ?

a) Instagram 
b) Linkedin
c) Youtube
d) None

Which method can be a threat to the environment ?

a) Intrnet
b) Emil 
c) Business Policies 
d) Hacker Education 

Digilocker connects to ?

a) With Aadhaar Card 
b) PAN card 
c) by mobile number
d) both A & C 

To save remote desktop ?

a) Save all
b) Save remote
c) Save as 
d) all of the above 

Which is the first electronic computer in India ?

a) HEC-2M (1953, ISI) 
b) IBM 11
c) Raj
d) RJ45

How can one increase the cell width ?

a) Left click and drag to the right 
b) with the space bar button
c) both of the above 
d) none of these 

Which type of Column Address is there ?

a) A1, B1 ...
b) A, B, C 
c) Both
d) None

What is the full form of MAC ?

a) Media Address Control
b) Media Axis Control
c) Media Access Control 
d) None

U.P.I. What is sending money through ?

a) Pull
b) Push 
c) Send 
d) Forward



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