U.P.I. What is Receive Money Through ?

a) Pull 
b) Push 
c) Send 
d) Forward

Is a non-impact printer ?

a) Thermal printer 
b) inkjet printer 
c) laser printer
d. All of the above 

Impact is a printer ?

a) dot matrix printer 
b) network printer
c) laser printer
d) Thermal printer

What is the shortcut key of a hyperlink ?

a) Ctrl + K 
b) Ctrl + H
c) Ctrl + L
d) None

What is the full form of WAN ?

a) World area network
b) Wide area network 
c) Word area network
d) Wide awake network

Which shortcut key is used to move to the next slide ?

a) Pageup
b) Pagedown 
c) Ctrl + Down arrow
d) End

What is LibreOce word processing called ?

a) Writer 
b) Calc
c) Text
d) Word

Which is the most popular social media ?

a) Whatsapp
b) facebook 
c) youtube
d0 None 

Quikr Belong to ?

a) C2C 
b) B2B
c) B2C
d) C2B

P.P.P. What is the full name of ?

a) Peer to Peer Protocol
b) Point to point protocol 
c) People to people point
d) None

What is the shortcut key to break a page ?

a) Ctrl + Enter 
b) Shift + Enter
c) Enter
d) None

What is E in the full name of email

a) Electric
b) Electronic 
c) Electrical
d) all of above

UPI was developed by ?

a) NPCI 
c) RBI
d) All

What is Amazon ?

a) social site 
b) Commercial Site 
c) Messenger 
d) none of these

Which shortcut key is used to increase the font size ?

a) Ctrl +] 
b) Shift +]
c) Ctrl + Alt +]
d) None

Which of the following is not a search engine ?

a) Yahoo 
b) Google
c) Messenger 
d) Altavista

What is the minimum and maximum font size in the libreOffice ?

a) 9, 96
b) 6, 96 
c) 7, 72 
d) 11, 96

What is the full form of G. U. I.

a) Graphical user interface 
b) Graphical unique interface
c) Both
d) None

What does cloud mean in cloud computing ?

a) Internet 
b) People
c) Network
d) None of these

Who are the searchers of Facebook ?

a) Charles babbage
b) Mark Zukerberg 
c) Bill Gates
d) None

= Product (5,2) will result ?

a) 10 
b) 7
c) 3
d) 15

Full form of BCC ?

a) Blind carbon copy 
b) Blind carboon copy
c) Black carbon copy
d) none

What is the standard of Product =(50, -7) ?

a) 300
b) -350 
c) 350
d) none of these 

What is the shortcut key to open the Cell Format dialog box in Libreoffice Calc ?

a) Ctrl + 4
b) Ctrl + 3
c) Ctrl + 2
d) Ctrl + 1 

Full form of ATM ?

a) Automating teller machine
b) Automated teller machine
c) Automotion teller machine
d) Automating technique machine

Full form of of QR ?

a) Quick response code
b) Quick register code
c) Quick reply code
d) None of these

Full form of DNS ?

a) Domain name system
b) Domain naming system
c) Dual name system
d) All of these

How much payment can be done in 1 day by Bhim App ?

a) ₹ 20000
b) ₹ 10000
c) ₹ 100000
d) ₹ 5000

What is the maximum Zoom in Impress ?

a) 300%
b) 3000%
c) 400%
d) 500%

What is the first graphical web browser for WWW ?

a) Mosaic
b) Google Chrome
c) Internet Explorer
d) Mozilla Firefox

What is the shortcut to copy in LibreOffice Writer ?

a) Alt + C
b) Ctrl + Shift + C
c) Ctrl + C
d) None

What is the full form of B2B ?

a) Base to Base
b) Base to Business
c) Business to Business
d) None

In which menu is the Master Slide function found in LibreOffice Impress ?

a) Slide show
b) Slide
c) Format
d) Tools

What is the return mail sent to sender ?

a) Bank mail
b) Bounced mail
c) Return mail
d) Spam

In which type of topology does information flow in one direction ?

a) Bus
b) Star
c) Circle
d) Ring

How many rows and columns does Calc contain ?

a) 1048576 and 1024
b) 1024 and 1048576
c) 1048576 and 16384
d) 16384 and 1048576

What is the full form of HTWL ?

a) Hyper Text Web Language
b) Hyper Text Markup Language
c) Hyper Text Website Language
d) Hyper Text Web Design Language

What services does the application layer provide ?

a) Process to Process
b) End to End
c) Both
d) NOT

Who developed the Integrated Circuit Chip ?

a) CV Raman
b) Robert Noyce
c) J.K. s. Kilby
d) b and c

E-mail is an example of which of the following ?

a) Instant making
b) Internal messaging
c) Instant messaging
d) None of these

What is the full form of S. B.I. ?

a) State Bank of India
b) Super Bank of India
c) Indian State Income
d) None of the above

Which generation of computers was the largest in size ?

a) First Generation
b) Second Generation
c) Fourth Generation
d) None of the above

Which code is used to see IMEI number ?

a) * 60 #
b) $ # 6 #
c) * # 06 #
d) None

How much is the CVV in ATM and Credit Card ?

a) 6 marks
b) 4 marks
c) 3 marks
d) 5 marks

Which of the following extensions are not related to LibreOffice ?

a) .odt
b) .ods
c) .odp
d) .rtf

What is the presentation in the LibreOffice ?

a) Calc
b) Impress
c) Writer
d) None

What is the minimum size of Zoom in Libra LibreOffice Impress ?

a) 5%
b) 10% 
c) 3000 percent 
d) 20% 

What does N mean in UMANG App ?

a) New - Age
b) National
c) New
d) None

Does Libra LibreOffice Calc have file extension ?

a) .doc
b) .ods
c) .odp
d) .xlx

What is the full form of MICR ?

a) Magnetic ink character recognition
b) Magnetic ink character reader
c) Both of the above 
d) None of the above

Which is the smallest computer ?

a) Mini computer
b) Microcomputer
c) Supercomputer
d) Mainframe computer

QR code means ?

a) Quick Response Code
b) Quick Recorder Code
c) Quick Register Code
d) None

What is the full form of POS ?

a) Power on Switch
b) Point of Sale
c) Part of Sale
d) None

UPI was developed by

a) National Payment Corporation of India
b) State Bank of India
c) Indian Payment Gateway
d) Reserve Bank of India

Can USSD services be availed by dialing ?

a) * 121 #
b) * 123 #
c) * 99 #
d) All of the above

Which software is assembler ?

a) System software
b) Application software
c) Both
d) None of the above

What result will result from adding Calc I A1 + A2 ?

a) ###
b) 0
c) 1
d) None

In which generation was the vacuum tube technique used ?

a) First generation
b) Second generation
c) Third generation
d) Fourth generation

What is the full form of AEPS I E ?

a) Electric
b) Electronic
c) Enabled
d) None

How many languages are used in UMANG App ?

a) 10
b) 12
c) 13
d) 6

Name of maximum column in Calc in LibreOffice ?

a) AMJ
b) XFD
c) AJS
d) None of the above

.Com is related to ?

a) Commerce
b) Commercial
c) Organization
d) None

Which is the first search engine ?

a) Yahoo
b) Archie
c) Google
d) None

What would you choose to do a Show PreView in power point ?

a) Home tab
b) Slide Show
c) Design
d) All of the above

How many Bit is the address of IPV6 ?

a) 32
b) 64
c) 128
d) 28

What happens to the LibreOffice Calc and Excel date and time shortcuts ?

a) Ctrl +;
b) Ctrl + Shift +:
c) A & B both
d) None

How many characters can be used while twit in Twitter ?

a) 140
b) 180
c) 280
d) 150

What is the full name of LAN ?

a) Local Area Network
b) Logical Area Network
c) Local Area Net
d) None of the above

What is the charge for transfer between ₹ 200000 to ₹ 500000 ?

a) 25
b) 15
c) 5
d) 20

UMANG stands for ?

a) Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance
b) Unified Mobile Application for News Governance
c) Unified Mobile Application for Network Governance
d) None

What is Phone Pay ?

a) Messenger
b) Social site
c) E-wallet
d) None of the above

What is the full form of IDS ?

a) Intrusion Direction System
b) Intrusion Detection System
c) Intrusion Detection Source
d) None

Full Form of ECB ?

a) External Commercial Borrowings
b) Exta Commercial Borrow
c) External Computer Borrowings
d) None

Full Form of NUUP ?

a) National Unified Unique Platform
b) National Unified USSD Platform
c) Network Unified USSD Platform
d) None

Full Form of WIFI ?

a) Wireless Fidelity
b) Wireless Facility
c) Wireless File
d) Wired Fidelity

What will happen if the Excel formula bar is not preceded by the formula = ?

a) #name ?
b) #name
c) For calling, whatever is written at once ?
d) ####

Which of the following is a mobile operating system ?

a) Window Phone
b) Android
d) All of the above

What is the minimum transfer limit through RTGS ?

a) ₹ 100000
b) ₹ 200000
c) ₹ 300000
d) There is no minimum limit

Which of the following is not an output device ?

a) plotter
b) Monitor
c) Light pen
d) Printer 

In which format is the web page saved ?

a) HTML 
c) Both
d) Web

What will be the value of mod (50,-7) ?

a) 6 
b) -6 
c) 1
d) -1

Full Form of IMEI ?

a) International Mobile Equipment Identity
b) Internet Mobile Equipment Identity
c) International Mobile E Identity
d) None

What is the example of Toggle Key ?

a) Caps lock
b) Scroll lock
c) Insert
d) All of the above

What is Firefox ?

a) Operating System
b) Web browser
c) Social Networking Site
d) Search Engine

ABRS Stand for...

a) Aadhaar Based Remittance Service
b) Aadhaar Board Remittance Service
c) Advance Based Remittance Service
d) None

What is the maximum number of worksheets in Calc ?

a) 10000
b) 1000
b) 5000
d) 255

What will be the value of =product(5,2) ?

a) 10
b) 3
c) 7
d) 1	

What is a personal computer ?

a) Micro 
b) Mini
c) Super
d) None 

What is the shortcut key to cut LibreOffice ?

a) Ctrl + C
b) Ctrl + X 
c) Ctrl + K
d) Shift + X

When was the vacuum tube invented ?

a) 1904 
b) 1960
c) 1954
d) 1946

Which bank started the first micro ATM based Aadhaar ?

a) Fino Payments Bank
b) Axis bank 
c) SBI

Umang application was launched by which ministry ?

a) Ministry of electronics & IT 
b) Ministry of Finance
c) Ministry of HRD
d) All of above

SED stand for..

a) Stream Editor
b) Smoke-Emitting Diode
c) Sweet Eagle Dreams
d) All of above 

Which key should be combined with another key so that there is a difference in ?

a) Sift
b) Function
c) Caps lock
d) Ctrl 

Which bank started Pocket wallet ?

c) SBI
d) BOB

How many members can be in Whatsapp group ?

a) 256 
b) 255
c) 250
d) No limit

What is the default le extension LibreOffice Writer ?

a) .odt 
b) .ods
c) .odp
d) .docx

What is the full form of USSD ?

a) Unstructured Supplementary Service Data 
b) Uniform Supplementary Service Data
c) Unified Supplementary Service Data
d) Universal Supplementary Service Data

What is P2P ?

a) Peer to Peer 
b) Point to Point
c) Post to Post
d) None

What is the full form of PIN ?

a) Permanent Internet Number
b) Personal Identification Number 
c) Permanent Identification Number
d) None



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