How many friends can Facebook have ?

a) 5000
b) 1000
c) 256
d) No limit 

When was the bank attached to the Internet ?

a) 2000
b) 1996 (ICICI)
c) 1995
d) 1994 

Which storage device is installed in CPU ?

a) cache memory
b) transistor
c) Hard disk
d) All 

What is the timing of NEFT ?

a) 8.00 am to .6.00 pm
b) 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
c) 6:30 am to 5:30 pm
d) None

Calc File extension ?

a) .odt
b) .odc
c) .ods
d) .odp 

How many layers are there in TCP / IP ?

a) 4 
b) 7
c) 5
d) 3 

In FTP F means

a) File 
b) Font
c) Format
d) Function

Founder Of Instagram ?

a) Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger
b) Marc Zuckerberg
c) Bill gates
d) None

What is a function called inside a function ?

a) Nested Function
b) Function
c) General Function
d) Condition Function

Full form of set… ?

a) Secure Electronic Transactions
b) Security end technology
c) Security Electronics Transactions
d) None

Which of the following is a web browser ?

a) Google
b) Yahoo
c) Mozilla Firefox 
d) YouTube 

What do I separate between File Name and Extension ?

a). (dot)
b) @
c) #
d) $ 

To whom is credit related ?

a) Depositing money in the bank
b) Withdrawing Cash
c) Debit
d) None of these

What happens to Ctrl + Y in Writer ?

a) Redo undo text
b) Undo text that has been read
c) Both
d) None of these 

What is the full meaning of N in UMANG App ?

a) New
b) National
c) New-age
d) None 

Who invented the analytical engine ?

a) John Napier
b) Charles's Babbage
c) Libnitz
d) None 

Invented Bing ?

a) Apple
b) Google
c) Microsoft
d) All of these 

Which shortcut key will be used to print a web page ?

a) Ctrl + P
b) Ctrl + Shift + 12
c) Both
d) None 

By default File Save ?

a) Desktop
b) Document
c) Download
d) None of these
Ans: b) 

What is the shortcut key to save as ?

a) Ctrl + S
b) F12
c) Ctrl + F12
d) Shift + F12 

In which data is saved when computer is turned off ?

a) Non-Volatile
b) Volatile
c) Both
d) None

What is the total number of digit in Aadhaar cards ?

a) 10
b) 11
c) 12
d) 13 

What is the shortcut key to insert a new slide in a presentation ?

a) Ctrl+ N 
b) Ctrl + M 
c) Alt + N 
d) Alt + M 

The range from B1 to B5 is ?

a) B1 & B5 
b) B1 * B5 
c) B1 # B5 
d) B1: B5 

Can one add to the presentation ?

a) picture, not movie 
b) movie but not picture 
c) both movie and picture 
d) none of the above 

What is the minimum Zoom size in Writer ?

a) 10% 
b) 5% 
c) 20% 
d) 30%

What is the Pay Limit in a day through BHIM App ?

a) 1000
b) 10000
c) 20000
d) No limit 

If we want to add some document in mail then we choose which option ?

a) Link
b) Compost
c) Add
d) Attachment 

How many MB can be attached in Outlook ?

a) 20
b) 25
c) 40
d) 35 

What is the minimum password of WIFI ?

a) 10
b) 7
c) 8
d) 9 

Where do you use the QR Code ?

a) In marketing
b) In education
c) Both of them 
d) None of these 

In Libreoce Ruler has shortcut key ?

a) Ctrl + R
b) Ctrl + Shift + R
c) Alt + Shift + C
d) Window + L + R 

What is the name of the world's rst supercomputer ?

a) Cray 1
b) CDC 6600 
d) Summit 

Which of the following is the most BADA ?

a) App
b) Operating System 
c) Software
d) Protocol

What is Internet ?

a) Group of websites
b) Network system 
c) Group of web pages
d) Software 

What is the maximum height of Calc In Cell ?

a) 0.45 each
b) 0.45 cm
c) 1.25 inch 
d) 1.25cm 

Which network is limited to the campus of the building ?

a) LAN 
b) WAN
c) WAN
d) All 

What is NUUP full form ?

a) National Unied USSD Platform 
b) National Unier USSD Platform
c) National Universal USSD Platform
d) None 

Who is the founder of Email ?

a) Ray Tomlinson 
b) Bill Gates
c) Steve Jobs
d) None 

What is duck duck go ?

a) Web browser
b) Search engine 
c) Bird name
d) Network

What is Swift ?

a) Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication code
b) It is used to transfer money abroad
c) Both
d) None

What is the shortcut key to access the rst cell of the spreadsheet ?

a) Shift + Home
b) Ctrl + Home 
c) Home
d) Ctrl + Pageup 

Is Twitter Huddle Symbol ?

a) $
b) #
c) @ 
d) Nota

How many MB we can send attachments from Gmail ?

a) 30
b) 25 
c) 15
d) 20

For which card one has to pay in advance ?

a) credit card
b) debit card 
c) gold card
d) all above

What kind of business would it be if Maruti bought MRF tires.

a) Business to Business 
b) Customer to Customer
c) Business to Customer
d) Customer to Business

In which generation AI was used ?

a) First generation
b) Fourth generation
c) Fifth generation 
d) None of these

When did Umang App become operational in India ?

a) 23 November 2017 
b) 27 November 2015
c) 15 August 2017
d) 17 July 2018 

Where is the signature in e-mail ?

a) Center
b) Left
c) Right
d) Bottom 

Umang app is available in India in how many languages ?

a) 14
b) 15
c) 13 
d) 16 

What is the range of WiFi ?

a) 100 feet
b) 30 m
c) 90 ft
d) Both a and b 

When did BHIM App start in India ?

a) 5 November 2016
b) 6 December 2017
c) 26 January 2018
d) 30 December 2016 

Which of the following is different ?

a) SBI Bank
b) Central Bank
c) Union Bank
d) Reserve Bank of India 

What is the meaning of D in the following 3D ?

a) Display
b) Dimension 
c) Division
d) Discover 

What is another name for proprietary software ?

a) Closed source software 
b) Open source software
c) Paid software
d) Freeware 

What is DARPA ?

a) America's Defense Organization
b) Defense Advanced Research Project Agency
c) Created Internet
d) All 

Who invented the CD ?

a) Jems T. Russell 
b) Tim Berners Lee
c) Marc Anthony
d) None

TFT full form is ?

a) Thin Film Transistor 
b) Thick Film Transistor
c) Tubular Film Transistor
d) None

How much transaction can be done in 24 hours through BHIM App ?

a) 40000 
b) 10000
c) 20000
d) 50000 

What is the maximum amount that can be transferred by 31.UPI ?

a) 10000
b) 20000
c) 50,000
d) 100000 

What is the full form of PMSBY ?

a) Pradhan Mantri Secure Bima Yojna
b) Pradhan Mantri Security Bima Yojna
c) Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna 
d) None 

NEFT / RTGS transaction limit ?

a) More than 200000
b) 500000
c) 1000000
d) No limit 

What does credit card provide us ?

a) Cheque
b) Cash
c) Cheque aur Cash Dono 
d) None

who is invented the Internet ?

a) Tim Berners Lee
b) ARPA 
c) IBM
d) Charles Babbage

When did electronic wallet become operational in India ?

a) 2017
b) 2015
c) 2010 
d) 2007 

Maximum Zoom in Libreoce calc ?

a) 100%
b) 200%
c) 500%
d) 400% 

Push button option available in ?

a) format
b) insert
c) slide show
d) tools 

How many photos can upload on facebook at a time ?

a) 30 
b) 25
c) 35
d) none 

USSD was launched by which bank ?

a) NPCI 
b) BOB
c) SBI
d) none 

Registration method in Digilocker ?

b)aadhar card
c) bank

How many digits in Maestro card ?

c)13 to 19 .

Full form of BHIM ?

a) Bharat interface for money 
b) Bharat interface for mobile
c) Bharat internet for money 
d)  Bharat interface for mail 

Default width of calc columns ?

a) 2.5 inch
b) 2.35 inch
c) 2.5 cm
d) 2.26 cm 

In which mode does the bus work under CSMA ?

a) Single Access 
b) double access 
c) Multiple Access 
d) none of these

Which shortcut key is used to lock the screen in Ubuntu operating system ?

a) Ctrl + Alt + L 
b) Ctrl + Shift + L
c) Ctrl + L
d) Alt + L

What is the shortcut key to open a new page in LibraOffice Calc ?

a) Ctrl + N 
b) Ctrl + M
c) Shift + N
d) Ctrl + Shift + N

What is retweet ?

a) retweeting 
b) tweeting repeatedly 
c) Replying to someone's tweet 
d. All of the above

How much money can I transfer from NEFT without a bank account ?

a) 50000 
b) 100000
c) 200000
d) No limits

To whom is the Messenger related ?

a) Facebook 
b) Instagram
c) Google
d) Whatsapp

How many people send email to CC ?

a) 500 
b) 200
c) 100
d) 10000

What is the extension name of Libreoffice Impress ?

a) Odt
b) ods
c) Odp 
d) Odi

Which of the following is the main memory ?

a) RAM
b) ROM
c) HDD
d) A & B 

What is Internet Explorer ?

a) Web Browser 
b) Search Engine
c) Social media
d) IM

Liberoffice Save as Shortctu keys?
a) Ctrl + S
b) Ctrl + Shift + S
c) Ctrl + F12
d) Shift + F12

What does SUMIF Function do?
a) Adds up cell values based on a condition
b) Adds all numbers in a range of cells
c) Returns a subtotal in a list or database
b) All of above

Which bar is located below tile bar?
a) Task bar
b) Status bar
c) Menu bar
d) None

Industry 4.0 is?
a) America
b) Australia
c) Germany
d) France

What is the shortcut key to comment in Libreoffice ?

a) Ctrl + Shift + C
b) Ctrl + K + U
c) Ctrl + Alt + M
d) Ctrl + Alt + C 

Full form of SMTP ?
a) Simple mail transfer protocol
b) Simple money transfer protocol
c) Simple mail text protocol
d) None

Which way of banking we transfer money in forign?

Shortcut key Ctrl + - used for?
a) Delete row
b) Delete column
c) Delete sheet
d) Delete cell

RM Document command?
a) Remove files
b) Remove directories
c) Remove Symbolic links
d) All

Who is brand ambassador of Digital India?
a) Ankit fadia
b) Satwat jagwani
c) Krati tiwari and pranav mistry
d) All

Shortcut key of Date Insert?
a) Ctrl + ;
b) Ctrl + Shift + ;
c) Ctrl + D
d) Now function

Full form of GTLD?
a) Generic top level domain
b) Generic ten level domain
c) Generic ten low domain
d) None

Ethernet used?
a) Bus Topology
b) Ring Topology
c) Star Topology
d) Tree Topology

Which of the following is not a part of slide design?
a) Design template
b) Color scheme
c) Slide layout
d) None

SMTP is related to.....?
a) Email
b) FTP
c) Communication
d) Domain

How many runlevel in linux?
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8

Full Form of ABRS ?
a) Aadhaar based remittance service
b) Aadhaar based reserve service
c) Aadhaar based remittance software
d) Aadhaar based reserve software



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