Who is the largest among the following ?
a) KB
b) MB
c) TB
d) ZB

Sending money on UPI is called?
a) Push
b) Pull
c) receive
d) transfer

How many charts are there in Libreoffice Calc ?
a) 5
b) 7
c) 10
d) 13

Which of the following is not a part of the CPU?
a) storage unit
b)arithmetic and logic unit
c) program unit
d)control unit

Cobol Stand for...?
a) commonly business original language
b)common basic oriented language
c) common business-oriented language
d) None

UPI Maximum limit per transaction
a) 40000
b) 20000
c) 10000
d) 100000

Whose image should be placed on the people of Social Site ?

a) own 
b) Family 
c) anyone's 
d) animal

Which place of India is called Silicon City ?

a) Bangalore 
b) Delhi
c) Chennai
d) Mumbai

SIM Stand for?
a) Subscriber Identification Module
b) Subscription Identification Model
c) Subscriber Identification Modern

Founder of Facebook?
a) Andrew McCollum
b) Mark Zuckerberg
c) Allen Crew
d) None of the above

How many digits is the MMID number ?

a) 7  
b) 5
c) 12
d) 11

What is Booting? 
a) Start computer
b) Restart
c) Both
d) None

Which of the following is first electronic computer?

PMSBY stands for.....?
a) Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna
b) Pradhan Mantri Siksha Bima Yojna
c) Pradhan Mantri Sarthi Bima Yojna
d) None of the above

Dot-matrix printer?
a) input and output
b) input
c) output
d) None

On the Internet a flame is a message that is?
a) Sending a offensive msg
b) Sending simple msg
c) Sending blank msg
d) None

Sending money on UPI is called?
a) Push
b) Pull
c) receive
d) transfer

Which network was connected with ARPANET to create Internet ?

c) LAN
d) WWW

Word Rupee taken from which language?
a) Sanskrit
b) Tamil
c) Telugu
d) Hindi

Where we will get task bar on desktop?
a) ontop
b) middle
c) at the bottom
d) Left side of screen

Who started M-Commerce ?

a) Tobin
b) Shri Halfman
c) Kevin Duffey 
d) None

Which language translator converts the source code into machine language ?

a) Interpreter
b) Compiler
c) Assembler
d) All 

Means to close an email account?
a) Delete
b) Signup
c) Log out
d) Sign out

In which generation local area network was used ?

a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth 

What can be search by search engine ?

a) Document
b) video
c) photo
d) All 

Which is the fastest memory ?

a) cache memory
b) register 
c) floppy disk
d) hard disk drive

Integrated circuit chip IC chip was developed in which generation ?

a) first generation
b) second generation
c) third generation 
d) fourth generation 

When was IMPS launched ?

a) 2016
b) 2014
c) 2015
d) 2010 

What does Amazon belong to ?

a) b2b
b) c2b
c) b2c 
d) b2g

Shortcut key of Save as ?

a) Ctrl + Shift + S
b) Ctrl + Shift + F2
c) F2
d) F12 

Which of the following buttons erase the letter on the left side of Cursure ?

a) Backspace 
b) Delete
c) Both
d) None

With which button can the selected text be erased ?

a) Backspace
b) Delete
c) Both A and B 
d) None

What will be the value of floor (1209,11) ?

a) 1199 
b) 1210
c) 1188
d) None

Box in an email contain a message ?

a) Inbox 
b) Outbox
c) Sent Box
d) Reveiv box

Who is the developer of Paytm ?

a) Vijay chandra sharma
b) Vijay shekhar sharma 
c) Vishnu shekhar sharma
d) Vishun chandra sharma

What is the full form of S in the reference PSP of UPI ?

a) Service 
b) Saving
c) Sending
d) None

Which networking site is there for posting short messages ?

a) Twitter 
b) Whatsapp
c) Facebook
d) Instagarm

What is surng ?

a) Searching the Internet 
b) Read email
c) sending messages 
d. All of the above 

Which shortcut key will be used to enlarge the screen in LibreOffice ?

a) Ctrl + J
b) Ctrl + R
c) Ctrl + Alt + R
d) Ctrl + Shift + J 

Which of the following falls under the category of search engine ?

a) Linux 
b) Unix
c) Vasta
d) Altavista 

How much fee is there for transaction of 200000 to 500000 paise ?

a) 25 
b) 50
c) 100
d) 5

Which of the following is the default media in Linux ?

a) VLC
b) RLC
d) None

What will be the value of =Power(5,2) ?

a) 25 
b) 7
c) 3

Which printer uses POS ?

a) laser
b) Thermal and Dot-Matrix Printer 
c) none
d) inkjet

Paypal is related to ?

a) By online payment 
b) offline payment
c) both
d) none

Ctrl + J is shortcut key ?

a) center
b) left
c) justify 
d) none

What is the full form of ALU

a) airtime logic unit
b) airthmetic and logic	unit  
c) alignment label underline
d) none

What is the full form of P.O.P.

a) padding aadhar page
b) post object preceded
c) post office protocol 
d) all

What is the shortcut key for changing records in LibreOffice Writer ?

a) Ctrl + Shift + C 
b) Alt + c
c) Alt + a
d) Ctrl + p

Q. R. Code. Which company was it created by ?

a) Toyota, Denso Wave 
b) paytm
c) ncpi
d) nob

Name the full name of NIIT ?

a) New institute of information technology 
b) Network institute of information technology
c) National institute of information technology 
d) None

What is the full form of MMP ?

a) Modi mission project
b) Mission mode project 
c) Mode mission project 
d) None

What is the full form of AMOLED ?

a) Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode 
b) Active Metter Organic Light Emitting Diode
c) Access Matrix Organic Light Emitting
d) Active Matrix Original Light Emitting Diode

What is the complete form of MMID ?

a) Mobile money identier 
b) Mobile making identier
c) Money mobile identier
d) Mobile money immediate

Where can I get Sum ?

a) Function tool
b) Formula
c) A & B Both 
d) Nota

How much digit is MMID ?

a) 7 
b) 8
c) 6
d) 4

Where are the options like line, curve, horizontal ?

a) Shape 
b) Object
c) Chart
d) Pie

Which option is used to insert a chart ?

a) Chart wizard 
b) Pie wizard
c) Object
d) Shap

What can Super User do ?

a) Changes the user setting
b) Computer setting change
c) Both 
d) None

Command to bring a background program to Foreground .?

a) FG  
b) BG
c) Foreground
d) Background

In which mode does the slide reside in LibreOfficeImpress ?

a) Portrait
b) Landscape 
c) Horizontal
d) Vertical

What option is there in the scroll button ?

a) Up and Down scroll 
b) Right and left
c) Horizontal and Vertical
d) All of above

Which app is used to make direct payments from customers' bank accounts ?

a) Bhima App 
b) Umang App
c) Phone Pay
d) Paytm 

What is used to prevent your computer from doing any suspicious work ?

a) Pop up blocker
b) Spyware blocker 
c) Security Guard
d) None

If you back up your computer to another computer, which will it affect ?

a) Performance
b) Security 
c) Capacity
d) Reliability

What does data encryption insure ?

a) Security 
b) Performance
c) Storage
d) All of above

In which data encryption is stored ?

a) Protect digital data 
b) Same as before
c) Both
d) None

How many Bit (MAC) is the MAC address ?

a) 32
b) 48 
c) 128
d) 64

IPV6 Bit ?

a) 128 
b) 32
c) 28
d) 64

What type of memory does optical disk come under ?

a) Primary
b) Auxiliary
c) Tertiary
d) Secondary 

Can I change the user-id email address ?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Never 
d) Only one time

Whose part is Internet Explorer ?

a) Google
b) Microsoft 
c) Facebook
d) Yahoo

Whose part is Hotmail ?

a) Google
b) Yahoo
c) Gopher
d) Microsoft 

What is a Debit Card ?

a) a plastic card
b) can also be used in ATM
c) First of all it is necessary to use money
d. All of the above 

4.0 number developed from which country ?

a) Germany 
b) USA
c) Singapore
d) England

How many buttons are there in the mouse ?

a) 2
b) 3
c) 1
d) a & b Both 

How many rows are there in LibreOfficeCalc ?

a) 1,048,576 
b) 1024
c) 16,384
d) None

In which menu is the word count found ?

a) Tool 
b) View
c) Style
d) Edit

Where is the Merge option found ?

a) Format 
b) Tool
c) Style
d) Sheet

In LibreOfficeis the shortcut key for Recent Date ?

a) Ctrl +; 
b) Shift + D
c) Ctrl + D
d) Alt + D

What will you do first with Cut, Copy ?

a) Text Select 
b) Paste
c) Bold
d) None

When did RTGS start ?

a) March 2004 
b) Nov 2005
c) November 2017
d) Nov 2010

What is Duck duck ?

a) search engine 
b) web browser
c) application software
d) All of the above

Pack- man invented in ........ ?

a) 1987
b) 1980 
c) 1985
d) 1990

What is the default size of a slide ?

a) 1KB
b) 526 MB
c) 1GB
d) None 

What is unique about GIGO ?

a) Accuracy 
b) Liability
c) Flexibility
d) None

With whom can I stream live videos ?

a) Twitter
b) Amazon
c) Facebook 
d) None

Who use to direct delete a file so that the file is not stored in the Recycle Bin ?

a) Delete
b) Shift + Delete 
c) Right click - Delete
d) None

Which of the following is not an example of IM ?

a) Twitter 
b) Charioteer
c) wire 
d) none of these 

Who is the Honor of Alibaba ?

a) Denso wave
b) Jake ma 
c) Jef bezos
d) None

Who is considered the father of internet ?

a) Mark Enderson
b) Carf 
c) Charls babbge
d) none of these

Comment Where is the option to insert ?

a) Insert
b) File
c) Edit 
d) Tools

= ceiling (-97,7) ?

a) -98
b) 98
c) 100
d) None 

Motion effect is used by

a) Slide transition
b) Add effect 
c) Flow chart
d) None

Who was the first to present Pascal ?

a) Harman Hollerith
b) Jack ma
c) Jef bezos
d) Balage paskal 

What is the meaning of P in UPI ?

a) Pay
b) Payment 
c) Pay tm
d) Product

What is the charge for transactions up to 500000 by RTGS ?

a) 25 + gst 
b) 20 + gst
c) 30 + gst
d) 50 + gst

What is the full form of IVR ?

a) Inter voice response
b) interactive voice response 
c) interactive violet response
d) interactive voice respect

What is the full form of MAC ?

a) Media access control 
b) Middle access control
c) Medium access control 
d) None

How to reorganize embedded organization chart ?

a) Duble click on the organization chart object 
b) single click on the organization chart object
c) clicked on coords
d) none
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