Linux Online Question

1. Which is the core of the operating system? (a) Shell (b) kernel (c) Commands (d) Script

2. Applications communicate with kernel by using: (a) System calls (b) C programs (c) Shell script (d) Shell

3. Which control signals the end of the input file? (a) Ctrl+a (b) ctrl+b (c) ctrl+c (d) ctrl+d

4. How do you get help about the command “cp”? (a) Help cp (b) man cp (c) cd? (d) none of the mentioned

5. The dmesg command (a) Shows user login logoff attempts (b) shows the syslog file for info messages (c) kernel log messages (d) shows the daemon log messages

6. Which command is used to display the operating system name (a) os (b) unix (c) kernel (d) uname

7. which command is used to print a file (a) print (b) ptr (c) lpr (d) none of the mentioned

8. Which option of is command used to view file inode number (a) -l (b) -o (c) -a (d) -i

9. Which command is used to display disk consumption of a specific directory (a) du (b) ds (c) dd (d) dds

10. Which command is used to perform backup in unix? (a) backup (b) cpio (c) zip (d) gzip

11. Which command creates an empty file if file does not exist? (a) cat (b) touch (c) ed (d) read

Linux Online Question

12. Which command is used to identify file type? (a) type (b) file (c) finfo (d) info

13. Command used to determine the path of an executable file is (a) which (b) where (c) wexec (d) what

14. Command used to count number of character in a file is (a) grep (b) wc (c) count (d) cut

15. Which commands will give you information about how much disk space each file in the current directory uses? (a) is -l (b) is -la (c) du (d) is -a

16. Which of the following command output contains user id? (a) is (b) help (c) date (d) is-l

17. pwd command displays (a) user password (b) password file content (c) present working directoryd. (d) none

18. Which of the following commands can be used to change default permissions for files and directories at the time of creation (a) chmod (b) chown (c) unmask (d) chgrp

19. Which tar command option is used to list the files in a tape archive format? (a) cvf (b) tvf (c) xvf (d) ovf

20. Which of the following commands will allow user to search contents of a file for a particular pattern (a) touch (b) grep (c) find (d) is

21. Which are the two types of device files? (a) character & block (b) character & socket (c) block & fifo (d) input & output

22. All device files are stored in which directory? (a) /etc (b) /bin (c) /dev (d) /usr

Linux Online Question

23. The file permission 764 means: (a) Every one can read, group can execute only and the owner can read and write (b) Every one can read and write, but owner alone can execute (c) Every one can read, group including owner can write, owner alone can execute (d) Every one can read and write and execute

24. Bootstrapping is also known as (a) quick boot (b) cold boot (c) hot boot (d) fast boot

25. The process id of init process is: (a) -1 (b) 0 (c) 1 (d) 2

26. Which command is used to bring the background process to freground? (a) bg (b) fg (c) background (d) foreground

27. How to run a process in the background? (a) & (b) * (c) ? (d) |

28. Which signal is sent by the command “kill -9”? (a) INT (b) TERM (c) KILL (d) STOP

29. Which of the following values for STAT column of ps command is not true: (a) status R means running (b) status S menas sleeping (c) Status E means exited (d) Status Z means zombie

30. The encrypted password of a user is stored in (a) /etc/shadow (b) /etc/enpasswwd (c) /etc/.passwd (d) /etc/passwd

31. What does the following command do? Who | wc –l (a) List the number of users logged in (b) List the users (c) List the number of users in the system (d) Display the content of who command

32. 'kill %s' command will (a) terminate the job whose command line starts with s (b) terminate the last job (c) terminate the first job (d) none of the mentioned

33. 'stty to stop' command will (a) stop all jobs running in the shell (b) stop background jobs if they try to send output to the terminal (c) this is not a valid command (d) none of the mentioned

Linux Online Question

34. Which command prints the directory stack? (a) cd (b) dirs (c) popd (d) pushd

35. Which one of the following statement is not true? (a) vim editor is the improved version of vi editor (b) vi editor commands are not case sensitive (c) vi editor has tow modes of operation: command mode and insert mode (d) vi stands for visual editor

36. Which command is used to close the vi editor? (a) q (b) wq (c) both q and wq (d) none of the mentioned

37. In vi editor, which command reads the content of another file? (a) read (b) r (c) ex (d) none of the mentioned

38. Which command shows all the abbreviations in vi editor? (a) ab (b) abb (c) show (d) none of the mentioned

39. Which of the following commands wil display all the files in your current directory and its subdirectories including the hidden files? (a) is -aR (b) is -a (c) is -R (d) is -I

40. What command is used to remove files? (a) dm (b) rm (c) delete (d) erase

41. What command is used to remove the directory? (a) rdir (b) remove (c) rd (d) rmdir

42. What command is used with vi editor to delete a single character? (a) x (b) y (c) a (d) z

43. What command do you use to create Linux file systems? (a) fdisk (b) mkfs (c) fsck (d) mount

44. What command is used to add printing jobs to the queue? (a) lpd (b) lpr (c) lpq (d) lpc

Linux Online Question

45. What does GNU stand for? (a) GNU's not Unix (b) Greek Needed Unix (c) General Unix (d) General Noble Unix

46. What shell's wild-card is used to match any number of characters including none? (a) * (b) ? (c) [!ijk] (d) [ijk]

47. What command is used to list contents of directories? (a) tar (b) dir (c) lp (d) is

48. What command is used with vi editor to append text at end of line? (a) l (b) I (c) a (d) A

49. What command is used to remove jobs from the print queue? (a) lpq (b) lpr (c) lprm (d) lpc

50. Which of the following NIS clients, finds and stores information about an NIS domain and server? (a) ypwhich (b) ypbind (c) ypcat (d) yppoll

51. RPM (a) stands for Red Hat Package Manager (b) is used to install, uninstall and manage packages (c) is used to keep track of the users (d) assigns a dynaic IP address

52. What script is run for setting bash global defaults for all users? (a) /etc/.profile (b) /etc/.bashrc (c) /etc/.log (d) /etc/profile

53. Which of the following is not a filter command? (a) sort (b) wc (c) grep (d) cat

54. The command chmod 761 letter is equivalent to (a) chmod 4=7, g=6,o=1 letter (b) chmod a=761 letter (c) chmod u=rwx, g=rw, o= x letter (d) chmod 167 letter

55. What shell's wild-card is used to match a single character? (a) [!ijk] (b) [ijk] (c) ? (d) *

56. Which command is used to compare the files? (a) ccp (b) du (c) cmp (d) comp